About JPM

Company overview
JPM Industries is Australia’s leading provider of specialist rehabilitation mobility equipment design.
JPM commenced in 1994 as a manufacturing company providing an extensive range of specialized high quality products primarily for the healthcare industry. During 2002 the company changed its focus away from manufacturing and has become a product design consulting company, specializing in the design of high quality products primarily for the Global Healthcare industry,
This new strategy allowed the company to focus its strengths entirely in product design, engineering and CAD drafting resources with an impressive track record spanning more than 10 years with a leading German healthcare manufacturer of high quality mobility equipment. During this time they taught us the German way, how good parametric design and engineering impact on reducing the manufacturing cost.
JPM provides a range of services to our clients starting from the conceptual design, 3D Visualisation and 3D Animations, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) allows you to find the strengths and weaknesses of your product before prototyping and tooling up commences.
JPM’s team consists of industrial designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists working together in a creative, collaborative environment. This fusion generates products that look great, work well and can be economically manufactured.
JPM provides comprehensive product development consulting services to take your product from concept to manufacture. This background provides us with the necessary depth of experience to assist you to position your business for future growth and projects for clients ranging from private inventors to large multi-national corporations.
JPM can provide compliance testing for prototypes and full certification for production equipment at our testing facility.
Key Personnel:
Willis Hetherington
(Technical Director)
Willis is a solutions focused Senior Product Designer with a career demonstrating innovation, strategic planning and market leadership, with a wealth of knowledge in global Healthcare business, research and development and manufacturing.
Willis has been solving, design and manufacturing challenges in healthcare and related areas in Australia, China and Germany for more than 20 years.
Willis works directly with the client to determine the best options and desired outcomes before committing valuable resources and time.
“ Willis knows how to get it done right, first time “


Dave Hayes
(Aero/Mechanical Engineer)
Dave’s designs are the leader in innovation and he creates the lightest, strongest, fastest, most easily manufacturable and environmentally sustainable products for a competitive market place.
Dave has been working alongside JPM for over 15 years with over 18 years of experience in product design and Finite Element Analysis.
“ Dave has a passion for excellence in design “


Cameron Hetherington
(Testing Technician)
Cameron has been involved in the business indirectly all his life,
Cameron is responsible for the testing of customers equipment to the AS/ NZS standards under the guidance of both Willis and Dave.
Cameron has a comprehensive knowledge of the testing standards and procedures.
“ Cameron’s knowledge in this area is second to none “